Bus full of kids evacuated because of too much Axe body spray

Too much Axe body spray led to 15 schoolkids being evacuated from a bus.


NSFW    PARRISH, FLORIDA — Someone in Florida thought it would be a good idea to prank an entire school bus of kids with a ridiculous amount of Axe deodorant, and it ended just about how you'd expect — BADLY.

WFTS reports that on Monday, the bus was on the way to Buffalo Creek Middle School with 30 students on board, when one or a couple of 'em decided to release the kraken.
The kraken, in this case, was a crap ton of Axe body spray.

Oh, those poor children.

Everyone who's caught a whiff of Axe knows that stuff is potent, so just imagine being hotboxed with all of that man deodorant. It was BAD.

So bad, it triggered an evacuation. According to Fox News, a second deodorant-free bus had to be called to the scene to take the students to a nearby high school, where parents could then pick them up.

No one was seriously injured, but at least 15 middle schoolers were treated for "mild respiratory irritation." Yep, that's the Axe effect.

Officials are now reviewing the bus cameras to figure out the mastermind behind the crop-dusting.

Dunno about you, but our money's on a coordinated Murder-on-the-Orient-Express-style ploy to get out of school.
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