China parking lot has super wide spaces for female drivers

And they're painted pink.


NSFW    JIANGSU, CHINA — A parking lot in China has come up with an ingenious plan to help female drivers.
According to NetEase, a parking structure in the Jiangsu city of Taizhou has unveiled a "women-only" section with super duper large spaces, because as we all know—women have a really tough time when it comes to parking.
And because the spots are reserved for females, they are also painted pretty in pink.
Reports say the spaces are apparently 50 percent bigger than regular parking spaces for manly men.
But of course since these parking spots are made in China, they're clearly not all the same size.
Maybe the bigger ones are for the fatter female drivers??
Either way, China is clearly leaps and bounds ahead of the West when it comes to battling sexism and discrimination.
The Me Too movement could stand to learn a few things from the trailblazers out in China.
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