Army of cockroaches found camping out in man's ear

A mother cockroach and her 10 little babies to be exact.


NSFW    HUIZHOU, CHINA — A 24-year-old man complaining of strange scratching noises in his ear was happy to hear it was only a small gang of cockroaches.
According to a report on Weibo, the guy was at home in the Guangdong city of Huizhou sleeping one night last month, when he woke up because of sharp painful scratches inside his ear.
After having a family member have a quick peek into his right ear, he was suggested to immediately get his butt over to the hospital.
The man rushed himself over to the emergency room at Sanhe Hospital at around 4:40 a.m., understandably looking pretty freaked out.
When ENT doctors had a look inside, they were shocked to find not one, not two, not three, but a small ARMY of cockroaches taking up residence in dude's ear canal.
To be exact, there was one big mother cockroach and then 10 adorable little baby roaches.
Doctors found some minor damage to the man's ear canal, but nothing serious. He was discharged the same day and sent packing with some ointment and cream.
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