Driverless Tesla drives itself through Vancouver parking lot

Look who's driving? No one.


NSFW    VANCOUVER — A Tesla Model 3 was spotted driving on the wrong side of the road with no one behind the wheel in Vancouver on Monday.
According to Richmond News, a woman filmed the zombie white Tesla slowly moving through a parking lot in a Richmond shopping center at around 2 p.m.
Apparently the Model 3 had been activated using the "Smart Summon" function, which allows owners to call their vehicles to their location, or a location of their choosing, within a 200-foot radius using the Tesla mobile app.

Reports say the rogue Tesla entered the parking lot on the wrong side of an intersection and then continued for about 50 yards on the wrong side of the road.
The woman who captured the footage said at one point a mall security guard came out and started chasing the empty Tesla down, before a man, thought to be the owner's friend, came out to explain it was being "summoned."
Another clip from inside the parking structure shows the Tesla stopped with the owner standing by the trunk.

After putting some stuff in, he is then seen driving away.
The shopping center told the Richmond News they are aware of the incident and have notified the authorities.
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