1.3 Million pound house is making people 'ill'

One home in the U.K is making people 'ill' for its very strange decor.


NSFW    PINNER, MIDDLESEX, U.K — One home in the U.K, is making headlines for its strange decor.

The home in Pinner, Middlesex has been making headlines for its' unusual interior after it was listed on Rightmove, a U.K real estate company for a cool 1.3 million pounds which is about 1.7 million dollars.

The detached five-bedroom "family haven" has puzzled would-be buyers and netizens with its strange - and large collection of plug sockets and recessed lighting.

Every wall appears to be absolutely covered in sockets. Sockets that're piled on top of one another and don't even lineup.

The strange thing is, no one knows why, not even the homeowner.

Speaking to The Sun Online, 45-year-old tech boss and homeowner, Devang Gandhi said the property was already like that when he bought it six years ago.

"The sockets are very handy because you don't have to pull the cables."

"Wherever you want to stick in the plug, you can stick it in for the TV, DVDs, stereos."

"You have separate plugs for everything rather than having wires everywhere."

"It's very nice."
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