Fake cop arrested by real cops after chasing suspect vehicle

David Adams Jr. pretended was arrested by real police officers after he helped them catch a suspect in a dramatic chase.


NSFW    WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA — Police in North Carolina have arrested a man after he impersonated a cop and joined in on the chase after a potential murder suspect.

Wilson police conducted a traffic stop on October 5 at a Food Mart to apprehend a suspect, WNCN reports.

As soon as the occupants of the car noticed officers approaching, they fled the scene.

The police gave chase when suddenly a Ford Taurus with blue lights drove past the police car, past the suspects' car and cornered the suspect's vehicle between his Taurus and the police car.

The man in the Taurus, David Adams Jr., got out of his car and, at gunpoint, ordered the driver of the suspect vehicle to exit his car. Four other passengers exited the suspect vehicle.

Adams handcuffed one of the suspects and began searching him. The real police officers had their doubts and ordered him to stop.

Adams then left the scene without speaking to the police officers. The police later determined that Adams was not a sworn law enforcement officer and obtained a warrant to arrest him.

After searching the suspect vehicle, officers found a handgun, an assortment of pills and US$708.

Real police officers then arrested all five passengers in the suspect vehicle. One of the men in the car was the brother of the murder suspect they were looking for.
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