Trump's 'virtually impenetrable' border wall foiled by $100 saw

Smugglers are cutting through Trump's US$10 billion wall with basic power tools


NSFW    WASHINGTON — What does it take to break into a big, beautiful wall? Apparently not very much.

According to the Washington Post, the new border wall system U.S. President Trump is building features steel and concrete bollards up to 30 feet tall, and concrete foundation that defeats tunneling.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection tweeted on October 24 that it has built 75 miles of Trump's new border wall and aims to finish 450 miles by 2020.

The Post reports that although Trump called the wall "virtually impenetrable," smugglers have been able to cut through with cordless power saws costing as little as US$100.

They go through the resulting gap one at a time and often move the damaged bollards back in place for future crossings.

U.S. officials confirmed that there have been multiple breaches, but added that smugglers targeted sections of the wall not yet equipped with electronic vibration sensors.

The BBC reports that when it is completed, Trump's border wall will feature steel barriers, all weather roads, cameras, and other technology.

According to the Washington Post, the wall has cost US$10 billion so far.
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