TSA stopped a guy after finding a toilet-paper roller 'gun' in his bag

You can't make this crap up.


NSFW    NEWARK, NEW JERSEY — A man trying to ROLL his way through a TSA checkpoint at the Newark Liberty International Airport found it a bit harder to PASS through than usual.
Whoever is writing the local press releases at the TSA deserves a big fat raise for this piece titled, "How not to roll through a checkpoint…"
It appears that on October 29, an unidentified man was trying to pass security when TSA agents spotted a revolver in his carry-on bag.
According to CNN, after a closer inspection, agents were relieved to find out it was only a gun-shaped toilet paper holder.
The TSA then DUMPED this line, "yes, this most unusual revolver was not designed to spin bullets. It was designed to spin toilet paper."
CNN reported that the TP roller triggered an alarm as it went through the X-ray machine.
The agency said, "TSA does not permit travelers to bring real or replica firearms through a checkpoint."
The guy was given a few options: take the roller back to his car, put it in his checked luggage, give it to a friend not traveling, or gift it to the TSA.
He chose to give it to his pals at the TSA. Hopefully someone there can do some damage with it.
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