Chinese researchers using live pigs as crash test dummies

The researchers say the pigs were used to simulate 6-year-old kids.


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CHINA — Disturbing photos have emerged showing live pigs being used as crash test dummies in China.
The results were published for a study in the International Journal of Crashworthiness in January of this year.
According to Metro, fifteen pigs between 70 and 80 days old were starved for 24 hours before being strapped into children's car seats, so they could be used in crash simulations.
The Chinese scientists justified their use of pigs saying the animals' anatomic structure was "similar" to that of human children. The unlucky pigs were supposed to correspond to children aged 6 years old.
According to the study, seven of the animals were killed on impact, while the others only lasted 6 hours after crash tests were administered.
The pigs suffered injuries ranging from abrasions, contusions, lacerations, bleeding, to fractures.
Pigs were previously used in the U.S. for crash tests up until the 90s, after pressure from animal right's groups ended the practice.
Animal rights groups like PETA have condemned the experiments and have contacted China's Research Institute for Traffic Medicine.
Considering how much Beijing pays attention to human rights, PETA's actions will undoubtedly mean the end for all animal experiments in China.
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