Chinese cafe gets backlash for dyeing dogs to look like pandas

A pet cafe in Chengdu is getting slammed online for dyeing their pups to look like pandas.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

CHENGDU, CHINA — A pet cafe in China couldn't get their hands on actual pandas, so they did what the Chinese do best—imitate.

Reuters reports that the owner, 21-year-old Lu Yunning, thought dog, cat, alpaca, raccoon, and duck cafes were all pretty basic, and wanted something novel for his own joint in Chengdu.

He happened to have Chow Chow puppies and got the bright idea to dye them to look like China's fat n' furry national treasure.

The gimmick was a hit, drawing in dozens of customers who wanted photos with the panda pups.

Some fur parents also signed their own pets up for the panda treatment, which is available for $212.

Not everyone's a fan, though. The cafe and its dyeing service have gotten much flak from animal activists, who really want to give Lu a taste of his own medicine.

Honestly, Chow dogs are adorable enough as they are—why mess with a good thing?
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