Beijing to ban 'uncivilized behavior' on subways across China

Watch out, you might get in trouble for eating, drinking or even playing playing music on loudspeakers while you're taking the subway in China.


NSFW    BEIJING — The Chinese government has come up with a grand plan to ban "uncivilized behavior" from its subways starting in April of next year.

The country's Ministry of Transport has introduced new regulations banning riders from eating, drinking or playing music on loudspeakers while taking the subway, though exceptions will be made for infants and those with certain medical conditions, China Daily reports.

Riders will also be forbidden from stepping or lying down on metro seats.

The state-run newspaper didn't specify how violators will be punished.

According to the Shanghaiist, more than 30 Chinese cities have already come up with their own rules for local subways — many of which already address so-called "uncivilized behavior."

Passengers on Chinese subways have been notorious for bad behavior.

Chinese commuters have made headlines for chowing down food items such as chicken feet, while others have made the news for cutting their toenails while riding the subway.

China probably has a long way to go if it wants to prevent such barbaric behavior from embarrassing the country all the time.
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