Gender-reveal party went off with a bang, ended with a death

And that's why you shouldn't have gender-reveal parties.


NSFW    KNOXVILLE, IOWA — A gender-reveal party in Iowa went off with a real big bang—which in the end, ended up being the problem.
According to the Associated Press, family members had been testing explosives mixed with colored powder in hopes of an unforgettable reveal party as well as some super cool social media footage. Well, they nailed the unforgettable part.
Authorities say the A-Team welded a metal cylinder to a stand and then packed it full of gunpowder.
According to the Washington Post, they then drilled a hole for a fuse and placed a piece of wood on top of the metal stand. Colored baby powder was then layered on top of the wood.
The Macgyvers apparently thought the device would shoot the powder up into the air.

The problem was they then taped the top of the cylinder shut, turning the contraption into a homemade pipe bomb.

The Washington Post reported that on Saturday afternoon, six members from the family, including the expecting mom, got together to set it off.
They lit the fuse at around 4 p.m. Unfortunately, instead of launching the colored powder into the air, the device exploded outward.
According to the sheriff's department, a piece of metal debris struck 56-year-old grandmother Pamela Kreimeyer in the head before landing in a nearby field. Officials say she died on impact.
Gender reveal parties have blown up in popularity in recent years. They feature expecting parents announcing the gender of their unborn baby on social media.
Here's the thing...who on social media really cares about the sex of your baby? But yeah, gender reveal parties—YAY!![b]
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