Domino's Taiwan releases pearl milk tea pizza

That's gross.


NSFW    TAIWAN — Taiwan may be the birthplace of pearl milk tea, but pearl milk tea pizza? Well—Domino's has you covered.

According to Taiwan News, Domino's Pizza is actually offering the "Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Pizza." Thankfully—for only a limited timed.
Brown sugar milk tea has been such a hit around the world that it's been mixed with food such as pearl tea pancakes, pearl milk ice cream cones, and pearl milk pudding. Okay, those do sound pretty appetizing.
But come on...on pizza? Apparently the cheap pizza juggernaut spent months researching and developing the thing.
The dessert pizza uses soft New York pizza dough—isn't Domino's from Michigan?—and is then loaded with way too much mozzarella cheese.

Mochi balls and brown sugar tapioca pearls are then dumped on before honey is squirted all over the top of the pie.
The limited edition pizza costs $6.50 and will be available at 155 Domino's across Taiwan until Nov. 24.
According to a United Daily News report, the pizza supposedly scored well amongst focus groups for their chewy texture.
Here's a question though, what's the calorie count on one of those slices? And can you feel the diabetes kicking in immediately, or does it take a while?
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