Teen breaks into German prison to win back inmate ex-girlfriend

A German teen broke into a prison in an effort to win back his inmate ex-girlfriend.


NSFW    VECHTA, GERMANY — A teenager in Germany went to pretty great heights to try and win back his ex-girlfriend.

According to DW, the 18-year-old's lady friend was an inmate at a detention center in the northwestern German town of Vechta, who just recently broke up with him over the phone.

In a desperate bid to talk to her, lover boy used a lamp post to scale the 13-foot wall of the prison, even going half naked to avoid getting snagged on the razor wire.

He then climbed up the inmate housing building to get to the barred window of his ex's cell.

Prison staff soon busted him in the act, but he refused to climb down. Firefighters had to be brought in to retrieve the stubborn teen via extendable ladder.

The broken-hearted boy suffered a minor injury from his stunt.

It's unclear if he was actually successful in winning back his woman's heart, but one thing's certain: he's in heaps of trouble for breaking and entering.

We're not sure why he didn't just do the normal route and go during visiting hours? Kids these days.
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