WWE 2K20 body slams itself with hilarious game release glitches

When your quality control team taps out.


NSFW    NOVATO, CALIFORNIA — The internet has been ablaze over the past week with the release of WWE 2K20 and its relatively minor bugs.
According to CNET, as soon as the game dropped last Tuesday, photos instantly began circulating, showing super crappy graphics and even more hilarious glitches.
Pretty much as soon as the game was released, #FixWWE2K20 started trending as upset gamers started body slamming the game and venting their frustrations for having dropped $60 on the hot mess.
According to the BBC, users shared countless videos and images with distorted faces and other avatar issues.
Apparently the quality control team was on permanent snooze for this game because it was also chock full of gameplay bugs.
From wrestlers sinking into the ring, to wrestlers just spinning endlessly, and let's not forget about the refs just phoning it in.
Aside from all those problems, many users were also quick to point out how the graphics for this year's WWE took a few thousand steps backward.

According to Eurogamer.net, publisher 2K waited until last Friday to finally release a statement apologizing for all the issues and to say that a patch would be out within the next two weeks.
Until then—enjoy.
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