Popeyes is bringing back its sold-out chicken sandwich

The Sandwich is coming back in stores this November!


NSFW    MIAMI — Time to get your cash and your patience ready, folks — Popeyes is bringing back its chicken sandwich. Yes, THAT chicken sandwich.

According to Eater, about 150 Popeyes locations are getting ready to roll out The Sandwich in early November. They haven't locked down a date yet, but already, people are going crazy.

After The Sandwich first made its debut back in August, it ended up triggering an epic Twitter war between Popeyes and Chick-fil-A over chicken sandwich supremacy.

Really, Popeyes won just by serving up a sandwich that doesn't come with a side of questionable politics and homophobia. Also, their sandwich sold out in just two weeks and has only garnered more hype since.

Back then, Popeyes just wasn't prepared for how wildly in-demand their chicken sandwich became and how it forced employees to work grueling shift hours, sometimes with no breaks.

This time around, Popeyes told Bloomberg it was hiring an additional 400 people to handle the insanity.

Whether or not that's enough — guess we'll have to wait until November to find out.
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