Angry McDonald's customer throws food, gets the blender

An angry customer threw her food at a Mickey D's manager, so the manager threw a blender at the woman's face.


NSFW    COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, OHIO — A Mickey D's customer said a messed up order and some crappy customer service led to a food fight at a McDonald's in Colerain Township last month.
According to WLWT, last month on September 22, customer Brittany Price stopped at the Golden Arches near Ronald Reagan Highway and went through the drive-thru to get some Happy Meals and cheeseburgers.
Apparently, Price's order was wrong, so she came into the store and waited for a crazy long time for her order to get fixed.
Video obtained by WLWT, shows Price calmly waiting for about 23 minutes before she finally gives up and then goes back to the car to get the rest of her order so she can get a refund.
When Price tries to get her money back, she ends up getting in a verbal altercation with the manager.
Price then had the bright idea to just chuck the food directly back at the manager.
That's when the manager introduces Price's face to the McBlender. The blender is seen ricocheting off her face, knocking her to the ground.
Price tries to get back up right away, but that didn't work out too well.
She then proceeds to throw more food in the direction of the employees.
The angry mother did leave the McDonald's with something though, a shattered cheekbone and a busted nose.
According to the prosecutor's office, no criminal charges have been filed in the case.
Note to self, when you're trying to get a refund, maybe don't throw a temper tantrum.
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