Millennial steals Juul pen, tries to use Lyft, Uber cars as getaway

Lady tries and fails to pull off the great millennial vape pen heist.


NSFW    PINELLAS PARK, FLORIDA — A 24-year-old jetsetter tried to pull off a brazen crime in the most cliche millennial way possible — and failed, spectacularly.

The Smoking Gun reports that while in Florida last August, Cali native Kate Lamothe took a Lyft from her vacation house to an Exxon gas station, where she swiped a $42 Juul vape pen.

Lamothe then jumped back into the Lyft and tried to hightail it outta there, but her driver refused to be an accessory to her plan.

So what's a hipster cliche to do? Call an Uber, obviously. But before she could get away, the cops arrived at the scene and found her inside an Uber van right next to the gas station. Girl couldn't even be bothered to walk a block or two to cover her tracks.

She later confessed to the theft and had to have mummy dearest post a $150 bond to get her out.

Long story short, Lamothe copped a plea deal requiring her to fork over $350 in fines and court fees — which she'll probably want to pay with Venmo.

You really can't get any more millennial than that.
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