435 Holly wins Fat Bear Week 2019 crowned fattest bear in U.S.

All hail the queen.


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KATMAI NATIONAL PARK & PRESERVE — Fat Bear Week 2019 came to an end on Tuesday night with 435 Holly taking home this year's crown.
Katmai National Park and Preserve said in a Facebook post, "She is fat. She is fabulous. She is 435 Holly. And you voted her the 2019 Fat Bear Week Champion. All Hail Holly whose healthy heft will help her hibernate until the spring. Long live the Queen of Corpulence!"
According to NPR, Fat Bear Week has been an annual event for the past five years at Alaskan national park.
Katmai started the contest to help educate the public and celebrate the process of bears chowing down to build up fat reserves in preparation for winter hibernation.
According to Popular Science, park rangers picked the 12 chunkiest bears and tossed them into a large March Madness style bracket.
The public then threw its weight behind their favorite bear and in the process help promote the National Park Service's conservation efforts.
According to NPR, Holly and the other contestants are coastal brown bears that forage by the Brooks River, which happens to have one of the largest concentrations of sockeye salmon in the world.
NPR reported that a record 187,000 votes were cast this year, three times more than last year.
Have a good sleep Holly, you've earned it.
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