Clown sparks cruise ship buffet brawl

Six people were injured after Bozo stopped by to say hello.


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NORTH SEA CIRCUS — A glamorous black-tie event aboard a British cruise liner turned savage following the appearance of a clown, reports The Guardian. Or did it?

P&O Cruises' Britannia ship was sailing from Norway to the UK on the return leg of a week-long trip when the rumble broke out in the buffet area during the wee hours of Friday morning.

British journalist Richard Gaisford[b] was aboard and on hand to tell the world how 'It' went down on Twitter. He explained the punch-up came after an afternoon of 'patriotic partying' during which copious amounts of hooch and similar beverages were consumed.

Gaisford, citing a witness, explained that it got nasty when a guest in a clown get-up stopped by the buffet. Police told the BBC that half-a-dozen people were injured during the fighting and that a man and woman, both in their early 40s, were nabbed on suspicion of assault.

But in a twist, the cruise liner said there was no clown on board. And speaking to, police said quote "There was no clown on board or involved in this incident."

Well, guess that's 'It' then.

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