Drunken dudes use Uber to rescue injured baby bird in Utah

A Utah man and his friends didn't want to drink and drive, so they called an Uber to take an injured baby bird to a rescue.


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OGDEN, UTAH — Some dudes in Utah didn't let a few too many drinks stop them for helping an injured bird.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Tim Crowley and his buds were hanging out at a neighbor's house when a wee visitor literally dropped in — it was a baby lesser goldfinch, and the poor thing was injured.

The friends snapped a photo of the baby bird and sent it to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah, who told them to bring the little thing in. Problem was, they'd been day drinking and were in no condition to drive.

Luckily, someone got the bright idea to call an Uber, and the men loaded up the bird in a box.

The first driver they got canceled after learning of the bird box situation, but second time's the charm.

Driver Chrissy Guyn told Fox 13 she turned down the A/C and cracked the window open to make the bird more comfortable in its leaf-padded box, then drove the chirper 25 minutes to the rescue center.

The little guy survived and has since been named "Petey."

According to the center, Petey is doing good and currently hanging with his new cage-mate and buddy. They hope he'll be ready to be released in about a month.
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