Louisiana man arrested in copycat Blue Bell ice cream licking video

A Louisiana man has been arrested after making a copycat Blue Bell ice cream licking video.


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ASSUMPTION PARISH, LOUISIANA — For one Louisiana copycat attempting the depravity that is the gross ice cream challenge, it was 15 minutes of fame and straight on til prison.

According to CNN, Lenise Lloyd Martin III had been inspired by the viral video of the ice cream-licking teen from Texas, and wanted internet infamy for himself too.

Clearly missing the part about how it landed the teenager in a whole sludge of trouble,
Martin high-tailed it to his local supermarket and pulled the exact same stunt.

He got a friend to record him swiping a Blue Bell ice cream carton from the freezer, licking it, poking it with his fingers, and then licking it again. Ew.

The 36-year-old, who really should've known better, proudly put the video up on Facebook, where it got hundreds of thousands of views, reports the New York Times.

It caught the attention of a concerned customer, who then alerted the supermarket's manager.

Martin later went back to the store with a receipt, claiming he'd bought the licked carton. But the manager said they couldn't be sure which one he'd contaminated, and so had to clear everything out and notify Blue Bell.

The copycat ice cream licker was nabbed by the cops and thrown in jail for criminal mischief for tampering with a product, and unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity.

In the end, dude kind of got what he wanted. Smile for the camera Lenise — ya famous!
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