Motorcyclist dies after plunging over Shanghai overpass

It's against the law to ride motorcycles on Shanghai elevated highways.


NSFW    SHANGHAI — A motorcyclist is on the highway to heaven after taking a plunge from an elevated highway.
According to CGTN, dashcam footage from another car on the overpass shows the rider speeding down the Wenshui Overpass on Tuesday afternoon.
As the highway begins to curve to the right, Not-So-Evil-Knievel can be seen drifting to the left toward the barrier.
Ghost rider then collides with the wall and goes over the side. Unfortunately after that, he really became one with the road.
Police and emergency responders showed up at the scene quickly after. An investigation is underway into the accident.
According to CGTN, similar motorcycle mishaps have occurred along this section of highway in 2007 and 2010.
It's illegal to ride motorcycles on all elevated highways in Shanghai.
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