Man hangs onto glider after pilot forgets to attach harness

The man was able to hang on for over two minutes.


NSFW    Defying Death

SWITZERLAND — You ever get that hanging feeling? One American tourist got a bit more than he paid for while vacationing in Switzerland.

Chris Gursky and his wife Gail were holidaying and decided to try hang gliding for the first time, with Gail taking off first.

As they were taking off, Chris realized that his pilot forgot to attach his harness to the glider. It was too late as they started going higher and higher into the sky.

He was clinging on for his life 4,000 feet in the air for almost two minutes, hanging onto the glider and the pilot.

Gursky was about to lose his grip when the pilot successfully landed them into a field, with Gursky hitting ground first.

However Gursky did end up breaking his wrist and tearing a muscle as they hit ground at 45 mph.

Gursky said he plans to go hang gliding again as he couldn't enjoy it the first time.
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