Woman kicked off flight after over emotional support squirrel

A woman in Florida was escorted off a flight by the police for trying to bring an emotional support squirrel with her.


NSFW    ORLANDO, FLORIDA — The police had to be called in for a woman who tried to bring a emotional support squirrel on a plane on a flight from Orlando to Cleveland.

The woman notified Frontier Airlines that she would be bringing an emotional support animal on the flight.

She just didn't inform them that her emotional support is a squirrel, according to USA Today.

When she tried to bring the squirrel along with her, Frontier told her rodents, including squirrels, were not permitted.

She was then asked to get off the plane, however she refused, so Orlando airport police had to be called. All the passengers were then forced to deplane.

After throwing a tantrum she was wheeled out of the gate in a wheelchair with her squirrel to cheers from the passengers.
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