Live worm pulled out of man's brain in China

Doctors pulled out a 10-centimeter-long worm from a man's brain after he after ate an undercooked meal.


NSFW    CHINA — Doctors in China discovered something unwelcome in a man's brain after he had an undercooked meal, reports The South China Morning Post.

Apparently the man, identified as Mr. Liu, loved to eat grilled food, and was in good health until recent months when he suddenly started having epileptic fits.

He went to the doctor and took a blood test, which is when they found out a tapeworm had taken up residence in his brain.

Obviously the next step was to pull the thing out, which they did, all 10 centimeters of it, which is when they found out it was alive.

Apparently the worm was springy and white and could swim.

The doctors said the worm might have made its way into Mr. Liu's system after he ate undercooked or contaminated food.

They also explained that the possibility of a worm reaching the brain and staying there is higher than finding its way to other organs, as the brain receives almost a quarter of body's blood supply.

The doctors said once the worm is in the brain, there is a chance it could reproduce and further damage brain function, causing problems such as nausea, epilepsy and the bleeding from the blood vessels.

Well, that's why you should be very careful of what you put in your mouth.
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