Woman fails to remove mascara for 25 years, almost goes blind

This is why you should always, always remove your eye makeup.


NSFW    SYDNEY — An Australian woman in her 50s risked blindness and serious injury to her eyes after not removing mascara for decades.

Theresa Lynch had not removed her mascara properly for 25 years, News.com.au reports. The mother of two reportedly suffered pain in her eyes as well as some irritation and discharge. She claimed medication for this didn't help.

Medical staff soon made a harrowing discovery inside Lynch's eyes. They found small bumps, specifically calcified concretions, underneath the woman's eyelids.

Lynch told News.com.au that infection was so deep in her eyelid that the bumps were building on top of each other.

Eye doctor Dana Robaei said everytime Lynch blinked, these bumps rubbed the surface of her eye. The doctor treated the infection during a 90-minute medical procedure, saying that Lynch was at risk of blindness.

Robaei published details of the case in the Ophthalmology journal, in a study titled Subconjunctival Mascara Deposition.
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