Snake caught slithering out of air vent of woman's car

A snake was seen slithering through the car's air vent as the woman was driving.


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WARRENTON,VIRGINIA — A woman in Virginia was driving when she noticed a snake slithering through the air vent of her car, The Washington Post reports.

Lora Goff was apparently in her car during her lunch break when she looked down and saw a snake slithering out of the air vent.

She was quick to call 911, soon after, animal control arrived. Unfortunately, even the guy from animal control admitted that he was afraid of the snake.

Goff then asked for advice from her colleagues who suggested that she use glue pads to trap the snake, reports Fauquier Now.

After trapping the snake overnight, Goff and her husband went to check on it. The snake was reportedly stuck to the glue pad but it wasn't dead...yet.

Goff commented that her husband threw it in the back of his truck..saying that she "doesn't know and doesn't want to know" what he did to it.
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