Woman gets mauled by grizzly and lives to tell the tale

Amber Kornak was attacked just as she started her dream job as grizzly bear wildlife technician.


NSFW    Defying Death

CABIN MOUNTAINS, MONTANA — A woman is lucky to be alive after getting up close and personal with a grizzly bear.

According to the BBC, Amber Kornak had just started working as a seasonal grizzly bear wildlife technician in the Cabinet Mountains in Montana. That's where the bear attacked from behind

The Associated Press reports she was gathering DNA samples near a stream at the time of the attack. As the animal got physical, Kornak reached for some bear mace and doused the animal with it. Some of it got on her as well, according to the AP.

She received a cracked skull, as well as some serious cuts to her head and neck. However she still managed to walk 2 miles back to her vehicle and proceeded to drive for help. Reportedly, she's currently in stable condition.

A Go Fund Me page was set up to help Amber with her recovery. So far it's raised nearly $36,500 of its $50,000 goal.
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