Chinese man sticks eel in his anus to cure constipation

It’s apparently an ancient Chinese method for clearing feces.


NSFW    GUANGZHOU, CHINA — A man in southeastern China experiencing constipation decided to put an eel in his anus to help clean out his plumbing.

According to China’s Guangdong Television, a 49-year-old from Guangzhou identified only by his surname Liu sought professional help for his constipation, but doctors told him he needed to stay at the hospital. Instead, the guy took matters into his own hands. Relying on an ancient Chinese method for clearing faeces, he shoved an eel into his anus.

Unfortunately, that just made the situation worse, and Liu was rushed back to the hospital. Doctors examined his abdominal area and found a hole in his duodenum. They were then shocked to find the eel in his intestines.

Fortunately, doctors were able to remove the one-and-a-half-foot long Asian swamp eel, which by this point was dead. They also discovered that Liu’s body was backed up with a lot of faeces and food residue.

Surgeons told Guangdong Television that Liu did not initially explain what was causing his stomach pain. However, after they discovered the eel, Liu said it went into his anus by accident.

After surgery, Liu admitted to the doctors that he put the eel up his butt in an attempt to treat his constipation.

He is now recovering in the hospital.
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