Man suing Grindr after fake profiles sent 1,100 men to him for sex

A New York man is suing Grindr, alleging over a thousand strangers have shown up at his home and workplace expecting sex, after they were invited there by a user posing as him.


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NEW YORK CITY — A New York man is waging war on a dating app for gays and bisexuals, claiming over a thousand strangers have sought him out specifically to get into his pants.

In an interview with Wired, Matthew Herrick recounts that his first unwanted suitor showed up on his doorstep in October, after being invited over for some recreational coupling by a user posing as Herrick.

More visitors appeared, all demanding a romp in the sack. Some were aggressive and violent, and even turned up at the restaurant where he worked. They’d gotten Herrick’s number through the app as well, and sent him dick pics and dirty messages.

Herrick believes the fake profiles were created by an ex-boyfriend. He would allegedly invite men to visit Herrick’s home and workplace, in some cases telling them Herrick’s resistance was part of a rape fantasy, and that they should not to be dissuaded.

CNN reports that Herrick contacted Grindr about the fakes dozens of times, but received only the generic “Thank you for your report.” The 32-year-old finally snapped and is now taking matters to court.

Tech companies like Grindr are protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which does not hold them liable for user-generated content.

But Herrick’s lawyers are using a different law to hit Grindr. They filed a complaint Wednesday suing the makers of the app for product liability, fraud, and deceptive business practices, since the app failed to crackdown on the fakes. Lesser known hookup app Scruff took only 24 hours to get the impersonator accounts and related IP addresses banned.
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