Frenchman runs marathon on balcony because of virus


NSFW    TOULOUSE, FRANCE ??A man in France stuck at home because of the Xi Jinping Sniffles-19 decided it wasn't going to stop him from running a marathon, so he decided to run in on his balcony.
According to the Associated Press, Elisha Nochomovitz ran 26.2 miles on his 23-foot-long balcony.
According to the AP, he saw it as a physical and mental challenge, and he also shared the images online as a way "to extend my support to the entire medical personnel who are doing an exceptional job."
He ran the balcony marathon from his apartment in Balma, a suburb in Toulouse.

It took him six hours and 48 minutes to finish the one man race. He also made himself a bit nauseous in the process, and also worried he would piss off his neighbors with all the noise.
Apparently, Nochomovitz had been training for a marathon and wanted to see if he could run in whatever condition.
He told AP he lost track of how many laps he did, but luckily his pedometer kept track for him.
So, how's it going to take before someone tries a triathlon on his or her balcony?
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