Halo 4: Attack of the Snooki baby


NSFW    Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi of MTV's hit reality TV show Jersey Shore is pregnant and has become engaged to the father, various reports allege.
The rumor began in the pages of Star magazine last month and was widely circulated online. Snooki vehemently denied she was preggers at the time, but has remained quiet in the wake of more allegations from sources quoted in the New York Post last Wednesday. Now People "confirms" that not only is the pint-sized "Guidette" expecting a little meatball, she also plans to marry the father, boyfriend Jionni LaValle.

Adding to the frenzy is an Internet rumor that Snooki is due on December 21, the date doomsday theorists claim the world will end, as foretold by the ancient Mayan civilization.

What force is able to stop a global catastrophe such as this is? Why, Master Chief from the smash hit video game series Halo. The newest title in the saga, Halo 4, will be released in time for Christmas this year. New screenshots emerged Monday, but we have an exclusive sneak peak at the actual game right here.
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