300-pound woman smothers boyfriend with stomach fat

When your body is literally your weapon.


NSFW    ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA — A poor Pennsylvania dude quite literally got the life squeezed out of him after being sat on by his plus-sized girlfriend.

Windi Thomas was already pretty lit when she and boyfriend Keeno Butler began fighting inside their Erie apartment.

According to YourErie, the 44-year-old stabbed him in the hand and beat him with a table leg before plopping herself on top and smothering his face with her stomach fat. With 300 pounds of body blocking his airways, the 120-pound Butler didn't stand a chance.

Thomas called 911 afterwards and screamed that she killed her boyfriend. When cops got there, they found the three murder weapons: bloody table leg, knife, and Thomas herself.

Thomas' defense attorney contends the killing wasn't intentional, and that actual cause of death was suffocation as a result of her collapsing on him, reports the Associated Press.

But given the stabbing and violent beating on top of that, Thomas could be looking at up to 40 years in the slammer.
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