CAR THEFT: Florida senior citizen arrested after 3-hour test drive


NSFW    A 67-year-old Florida man was arrested for stealing a truck after taking it for a 3-hour test drive. Lloyd Edward Kraft handed over his details to Prestige Auto in Ocala then took the Ford F-250 for a ride. An employee at the lot followed him for awhile, but then lost his trail. Kraft put gas in the truck, got some tools, then headed to work. About three hours later, the employee discovered that Kraft’s details were bunk, then called the police. A Marion County Sheriff’s deputy spotted the truck and waited with Kraft for the police to arrive. In the meantime, Kraft called his ex-wife to pick up his tools, which got him into more trouble, as she had a domestic violence injunction against him. Kraft said that whole thing was one big misunderstanding.
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