CNN retracts story on Women's hormones and voting


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Too slow CNN! We caught your story titled, "Do hormones drive women's votes?" The cable broadcaster retracted the story, but not before bloggers were able to feast their eyes and minds on this epic fail.

The original post was taken down shortly after it was published, because the story "did not meet the editorial standards of CNN." Too bad the information was really quite entertaining.

An "unpublished study" out of the University of Texas, San Antonio was the basis of the article. According to the study they referenced, when women are ovulating they are more likely to lean towards the liberal vote. Also, women at their most fertile time of the month, are probably not that religious if they are single. Cool.

Well, as you can imagine female bloggers and commenters had a field day when they caught the post. The ladies of NMAtv are no different. Check out our professional opinion on this report!
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