Cute kittens coming to a club near you?


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

Florida man Everett Lages tried to bring a kitten into a strip club last week and ended up getting arrested after he annoyed the cops.

Lages called police shortly after 9:00pm when the Emerald City club refused to let him in. Lages sat outside of the club and refused to move until police showed up. Things started to go pear-shaped when Lages was put in a cab home.

Lages refused to tell the cabbie where he lived, making the strange situation even weirder. Instead, he locked himself in the cab and continued calling police who were still on the scene. Police arrested Lages and charged him with Misuse of the 911 System.

He had to be forcibly restrained, adding Trespassing after Warning and Resisting Arrest to his wrap sheet. Everett Langes was held on $4,000 bond. Don't worry about the kitten though! Animal Control was called and it the cat is now in good hands.
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