When you hire a private tutor for your son better make sure she is not too attractive

A Taiwanese woman surnamed Liu, was hired as a tutor by a chairman of a well-known construction company two years ago for his two teenage sons. She was accused of soliciting sex from the eldest son, but the accusation was nullified.


NSFW    A Taiwanese woman surnamed Liu was hired as a tutor by the chairman of a well-known construction company two years ago. Her brief was to accompany his two teenage sons during their study in the United States. Several months later, however, he received a phone call from the school principal telling him that his eldest son, 15, was struggling with his school work and had been seen kissing the tutor in a supermarket.

The shocked parents immediately flew to be with their sons, only to find that Liu had flown back to Taiwan at the same time. Semi-naked selfies were found on the son’s phone, and the two allegedly engaged in sexual activities even after their relationship came to light.

The father sued the tutor for NT $2,000,000 (US$60,000) but the tutor denied all accusations and claimed that it was a crush and she’d never reciprocated.

The tutor was found not guilty on charges of solicitation on the grounds of insufficient evidence and the eldest son’s absence from the court sessions. She did, however, have to pay NT$9,000, the cost of replacing her.
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