Kids these days. Don't they know they need a permit to be entrepreneurial?

Kids these days. They're so lazy they won't even go down to city hall and apply for a permit to hand out fliers advertising a snow shovelling business. What little jerks.


NSFW    Police State

America is sold as a land where anyone can get ahead if they're not afraid of a little hard work, but the good old days of kids coming up with creative ways to make a little pocket money are starting to be regulated out of existence.

A couple of 18-year-old dudes named Matt and Eric thought the recent North American blizzard might be a good business opportunity so they printed up fliers advertising their snow shoveling services and went door-to-door in their New Jersey neighborhood.

Sounds innocent enough, ya? WRONG! Someone called the cops who drove out and told the teens NEIN!

Turns out you need a license to go door-to-door in many U.S. counties and cities, rules that have even ensnared kids selling Girls Scout Cookies.

To their credit, Matt and Eric took the incident in their stride and told the media the cops were mostly worried about them being out in the cold and were polite and professional.

But an adult resident of the area had a point in a post on a local Facebook page, writing, "Our generation does nothing but complain about [this] generation being lazy ... Here's a couple kids who … print up flyers, walk door to door in the snow .... and someone calls the cops?" We tend to agree; do you?
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