Check out the ghoulish nativity scene that got its creator a ticket and fine

We heard you love halloween, so Jasen decided to put some halloween in your Christmas.


NSFW    Police State

You know there’s always that one person that goes straight bonkers on your block every year. That guy is the power company’s best customer for a month and a mini tourist attraction in the neighborhood.

But Jasen Dixon of Cincinnati, Ohio decided to take his idea of a manger nativity scene a bit further. Zombieland style!

Dixon operates a haunted house, so sourcing the materials needed was not a problem here. Besides, after Halloween, no will will notice the ghoulish mannequins missing.

The zombified nativity scene is a big hit in the area, with traffic constantly jammed. But Dixon also received complaints saying the diorama is too big, yard too junky, and has until December 26 to take it down.

He says he doesn’t know what to do… but really, after Christmas is over, who’s gonna be looking at it?
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