Why did the bouncer set the student on fire? This is not a joke…..

Twenty-two-year old Sean Collins was celebrating a 21st birthday at a nightclub when his costume was set on fire by a doorman.


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Twenty-two-year old Sean Collins was at the Evoque nightclub in Preston in January celebrating a 21st birthday when his sheep costume was set on fire by a doorman.

While having a cigarette with friends outside at around 2:45 a.m., his costume suddenly caught fire. He managed to struggle out of his flaming costume in around 10 seconds, but not before suffering serious burns to his arms and hands.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and while Collins was been treated, Thomas McGuinness, an off-duty doorman, confessed that he was standing next to the victim and had accidentally set Collins’ costume on fire as he waved his cigarette around while talking to his girlfriend.

Collins suffers 12 percent burns and needed multiple skin grafts to repair the damage. The forensic science and criminal investigation student missed the last two months of university and also lost his job at a McDonald’s because of his injuries.

CCTV footage shown in court revealed that McGuinness had set the costume alight with a cigarette lighter.

The doorman has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for unlawful wounding.

Collins now suffers from anxiety and depression after learning he was set on fire deliberately and not by accident.
McGuinness confessed that he hadn’t foreseen the horrendous consequences of his actions and was shocked by the injuries he’d caused.

Collins however said that he was disappointed at the sentence, that he had spent a lot of time on his costume, and that if he hadn’t gotten out of the costume as fast as he did, he could have died.
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