Jose Reyes signs with Miami Marlins, Mets' future looks bleak


NSFW    New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes has signed a six-year deal with the Miami Marlins reportedly worth $106 million. A four-time All-Star and the reigning National League batting champion, Reyes is the type of player that could turn an entire team around, that is, if he stays healthy long enough to do so.

Injuries have plagued Reyes throughout his career, and have cost the Mets dearly in recent years. He sat out much of the 2009 season with calf and hamstring problems and missed a considerable amount of play in 2010 and 2011. When Reyes became a free agent at the end of last season, Mets management had to decide if it was worth paying a premium for a player who could potentially land back on the disabled list in 2012.

The Marlins organization, on the other hand, thinks Reyes is a gamble worth taking. The deal is part of a busy free agency period for the team, which has already acquired all-star pitcher Heath Bell, formerly of the San Diego Padres, and is said to be courting first baseman Albert Pujols of the World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals. Playing in a brand new stadium and under a new name--the team has dropped its "Florida" brand in favor of the more geographically-specific "Miami"--the Marlins hope to make a fresh start in 2012 as a championship contender.

As for the Mets, the future doesn't look as promising, even with the money they'll be saving on Reyes. Owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz are mired in a $1 billion lawsuit brought upon them by the victims of Bernie Madoff, the convicted Ponzi schemer with whom Wilpon had financial dealings.
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