Georgia garbage man jailed for picking up trash too early in suburban Atlanta

Most people would be overjoyed if their trash collection was done ahead of schedule, but apparently the citizens of Sandy Springs are not most people.


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Kevin McGill will be spending the next 14 weekends in the Sandy Springs, Georgia jail, all because he picked up people's garbage too early.

Apparently the suburban town just north of Atlanta has an archaic law on the books that bans trash collection outside of certain hours. This isn't uncommon. Many communities have similar ordinances. Most of those areas usually fine the contractor for operating outside those hours to prevent homeowners from complaining of noise and traffic snarls in their neighborhoods.

However the city of Sandy Springs's version of the law has codified it as a jailable offense. Not for the operator of the refuse service, but for the actual driver himself.

"The solicitor said it's automatic jail time," McGill told news station WSB. "He didn't want to hear nothing I had to say. I said it's my first time."

The Sandy Springs solicitor and judge both conspired to give the maximum punishment possible in this case, 30 days in jail.
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