Florida Gators Antonio Morrison arrested for barking at police dog


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Florida Gators linebacker Antonio Morrison has been arrested for the second time in five weeks, but this time it was for something important, allegedly barking at a police dog and resisting arrest early Sunday morning.

The Alachua County Sheriff Office’s report said that police were responding to an incident at 3:43am Sunday near the All Star Sports Bar in Gainesville, Florida. The police report said Officer William A. Arnold had a police K9 named “Bear” in his cruiser when Morrison walked over to the vehicle and began to bark at the dog. Officer Arnold upon seeing this asked Morrison to step in front of the car. Morrison resisted as the officer tried to handcuff him, so two other deputies had to come over and assist. Antonio was repeatedly told to stop resisting arrest.

The report says that Morrison told the police he made a “woof-woof” sound because Bear barked at him first. The Florida linebacker was arrested on misdemeanor charges of interfering with a police animal and resisting arrest without violence. He was in front of a judge at 9am on Sunday and was released on his own recognizance. The star linebacker was out of jail by Sunday afternoon.

On June 16, Morrison was arrested for battery after he nobly punched a nightclub bouncer for not giving him a free or discounted admission even after he said he was a UF football player. For that, Morrison got deferred prosecution and a slap on the wrist that included two eight-hour ride-alongs with UFPD. Wonder if Morrison will see anything fun on those ride-alongs?
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