Scary-looking hit and run driver hides in a hole to dodge cops, K9 sniffs her out

A local canine officer made sure 'Alice' couldn't make it far down the rabbit hole, after she struck a little boy on a big wheel.


NSFW    Justice is Served

Last Friday, 36-year-old Marsha Perry may have been distracted while driving in Washougal, Washington. She hit a 5-year-old boy that was playing on N. 22nd St.

The child didn't suffer any major injuries. However Perry freaked out and ran from the scene.

She must have watched one too many ninja movies, because then she chose to get all sub-terranean on the police. Too bad for her that one of those officers was Ranger, a canine that can sense stupid from 5 clicks away.

Perry was arrested on accusations of felony hit-and-run, driving with a suspended license and on a misdemeanor warrant. She was taken to the Clark County Jail.
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