Malia Obama Mexico spring break story disappears from Internet


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News sites have pulled a story on Malia Obama's spring break vacation in Mexico amid apparent pressure from the Obama Administration.

Despite travel warnings issued by the Department of State, the 13 year old is currently taking in the sights of Oaxaca without her parents, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle. She isn't alone; Malia has with her 25 Secret Service agents, which has drawn the ire of Internet commenters who see the entourage as excessive government spending.

By all accounts, the story was originated by Agence France Presse on Monday and quickly spread to other news outlets like The Daily Telegraph, The Huffington Post and Daily Mail.
However, the story began disappearing from the sites later in the day.

The First Lady's office acknowledged it had "reminded outlets" to respect Malia's and her younger sister Sacha's privacy, suggesting that the offending sites were influenced by the Obama Administration to pull the vacation story. Surprisingly, once news broke of a strong earthquake in Mexico, the White House confirmed Malia was in the country and wasn't in harm's way.
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