Newspapers pull Doonesbury over Texas abortion law cartoon strip


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Garry Trudeau, the man behind the Doonesbury cartoon strip has courted controversy on many occasions over the years.

This week Trudeau is in the news again because of his latest strip about the Texas abortion law that requires women undergo a mandatory intrusive sonogram examination.

The subject matter caused 50 newspapers including The Oregonian and the The Fort Worth Star Telegram to drop the cartoon altogether, while the LA Times has moved the strip to its opinion pages.

Trudeau, who has compared the ultrasound exam to rape, uses the strip to poke fun at Sid Miller and Dan Patrick, the two men behind the law.

Are newspapers, who in the past have acted as champions of free speech, suddenly become censors?

Or are they attempting to shield subscribers from controversial subjects that could force them to join the ever-growing number of people dumping newspapers and turning to the Internet for the daily dose of news?
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