Proof that we're a nanny state: DC Courts ban a man from smoking in his own home

Do you remember freedom and liberty? Pepperidge Farm remembers!


NSFW    Police State

A man's home is supposed to be his castle, a place where he can do just about anything he pleases.

But as Edwin Gray just found out, that's only if you're not a resident of the District of Columbia.

Gray likes to toke a smoke or two to unwind after a long day at work. His family has owned their green rowhouse for 50 years in northeast DC. But what once used to be a sketchy part of the District has become gentrified over the last decade.

Apparently Gray's cigarette smoke somehow travels through the common wall to where the neighbors can smell it. I'm not sure if they talked to Edwin about it first, but they sued because they felt it puts their children's safety at risk.

Here's the crazy part, though. The judge sided with the plaintiff! Gray can't smoke anything (cigarettes, cigars, weed, hams) inside his own home, and has been demoted from king of the castle, to the porch jester.

Lawyers are saying this is a precedent-setting judgment that could influence other cases for years to come.

I say, just one small bump on the way to martial law!
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