Man leaves $10,000 tip for hamburgers in Canada


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A man traveling through Saskatchewan, Canada left a restaurant owner $10,000 after he and his wife enjoyed some burgers and fries.

The diner, Bob Erb, sympathized with the restauranter when he revealed that his daughter was recently diagnosed with cancer. Mr. Erb, who lost his 26-year-old son to cancer almost five years ago, came back to the Old West Express restaurant three days later and ordered a plate of burgers and fries. When he was unable to pay with cash, he offered to write the owner, Clifford Luther, a check. The owner refused, but when he saw that the check was written for $10,000, he became overwhelmed.

The generous diner replied that the man should see that his daughter receives the care that she needs. Mr. Erb happens to have been the recipient of a $25 million lottery jackpot in November 2012. Since he won the large sum of cash, he has donated about $7 million of it to various charities.

Luther commented that he would use some of the money to go visit his daughter as soon as possible.
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