Two killed, three injured in Malaysia motorcycle convoy crash


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Two people were killed and three injured when a tanker truck crashed into a high-powered motorcycle convoy on a highway in Malaysia.

A convoy of 16 high-powered motorcycles and five cars were traveling on a highway from Johor Baru to Kuala Terengganu, when a car in the opposite lane suddenly braked, causing the tanker truck behind it to swerve into the their lane. Due to the rain, the driver lost control of the truck and collided with four vehicles, causing one motorcycle to burst into flames.

The two people killed in the accident were Abdul Rashid Mansor, 48, Mohamad Hishan Salleh, 36, who both died at the scene. Saufi Said, 48 and Anisar Muhammad, 49, were severely injured, while Muhd Zulkeri Embong, 45, only sustained minor injuries.

The crash caused traffic to back up as far as two kilometers.
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